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I am a retired physician who enjoys both traveling with my wife of 50+ years, and photography. In order to preserve memories and to share our adventures, I’ve chosen the discipline of blogging each of the most recent trips.

Each of the trips will be displayed upon clicking on the “Select an Adventure” link. Then one needs only to click on the link associated with each of the trips.

Come along with us now as we explore the world.

Tauck: Bridges Rhine River Cruise 2017

Tauck Cuba: Connecting People and Culture

World Wide Quest: Tour of Myanmar and Vietnam

Viking: Cruise of the Elbe River

Tauck: Bridges Cruise of the Danube River

Tauck: Essence of Japan Tour

National Geographic: Around the World with a Chartered Jet

Tauck: Danube and Rhône River Cruises

Tauck: New Mexico – The Land of Enchantment

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